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We are privileged to work doing what we are passionate about, crafting software.

Meet the team

  1. Alberto Perdomo

    Alberto Perdomo

    Cofounder and developer

    Ruby developer, with special interest for distributed systems, APIs, web services, SaaS and open stardards. Alberto loves travelling and takes every chance to visit new places. When he's not at work or travelling he likes scuba diving and swimming.

  1. Juanjo Andres

    Juanjo Andres

    Cofounder and interface designer

    Juanjo is responsible for user interface design and information architecture as well as HTML and CSS coding. He's interested in everything related with the web, specially in user interaction and interface design. He also likes travelling, snowboarding and scuba diving. Most recently he jumped from an airplane at 4.500 meters altitude and survived, true story.

  1. Ancor Cruz

    Ancor Cruz


    Ancor develops web applications in Ruby. He is interested in open source, agile methodologies, internet businesses and travelling. He lives in a cold, yet quiet and cozy place in Tenerife with his girlfriend and his dog, growing pumpkins and plumbs.

  1. Judit Sarmiento

    Judit Sarmiento


    Judit develops web applications in Ruby and she's really passionate about Rails and the Ruby ecosystem. Lately she has been working quite a lot on front end using backbone.js, ember.js and other libraries. She likes doing sports and loves eating good food, good combo! Represent ladies, represent!

  1. Aythami Santana

    Aythami Santana


    Aythami develops native and web aplications for mobile devices. He's passionate about challenges regardless of the involved technologies. He practices Capoeira and enjoys fiddling with hardware.

  1. Antonio Fernandez

    Antonio Fernandez


    Antonio, a.k.a Toni, develops native and web apps for mobile devices. He loves travelling, music, photography and motor sports.

  1. Ayose Cazorla

    Ayose Cazorla

    Developer and QA

    Ayose enjoys living in the hot and sunny south area of Gran Canaria, surrounded by palm trees and sandy beaches. In the office he usually talks about quite serious stuff like scalability, performance, concurrency, real time, etc. He has been doing quite some work with Scala lately.

  1. Juan Fraire

    Juan Fraire

    Developer apprentice

    Fraire joined the team in February 2012 as an apprentice while he finishes his CS degree. He is currently also our youngest team member. Besides Ruby and Rails he has been doing a lot of backbone.js, coffeescript and testing. He is a serious gamer and claims to be a good cook but he has yet to demonstrate...

  1. Alberto Hernández

    Alberto Hernández


    Alberto Hernández, a.k.a Fácil ("easy" in English), joined our team in February 2012 to support us with some extra workload and has stayed since then. He is a Ruby brogramer that recently disvovered the joys of front end development with coffeescript and backbone.js. Alberto enjoys all kinds of fitness trainings, body building, yoga, ...